Condolences and Sympathy Gifts

Gift Deliveries

To show you care and are thinking of those who are in mourning or going through a tough time, our charcuterie gift boxes are a gentle and appropriate way to show your condolences. Along with a handwritten gift message, our gift boxes will be a heartwarming treat to comfort your loved ones.  We are honored to send peace, love and blessings on your behalf.

Sympathy Charcuterie Gift Box

Funeral Catering and Reception Catering

A memorial service and reception to honor the passed one and grieve with loved ones can be beautifully created by our team at Luxe Bites. We will work with you to customize the funeral reception grazing table with favorite foods of the passed one as well as decorate appropriately to honor favorite pastimes in loving memory.  We are available on last-minute request in most cases, please contact us to inquire.